Commonwealth Medical eVarsity & Courses

What is Commonwealthmedical eVarsity?
The Commonwealthmedical eVarsity is a joint venture, between Commonwelath Medical Association and  the Commonwealth Medical eVarsity Pvt. Ltd. that strives to bring the classroom to your home and clinic. Commonwealthmedical eVarsity brings along the combined experiences of Commonwealth medical association in the ‘brick and mortar education’ and Commonwealth Medical eVarsity Pvt. Ltd. in the ‘click and mortar education’ in the company of distinguished faculty from across the country who have delivered the course predominantly online through an  e-Learning platform.

Commonwealthmedical eVarsity is a virtual university that offers online education to medical graduates through an interactive medium of education taking leaf from the best practices of distance education from across the Globe. Commonwealthmedical eVarsity brings in its wide reach across the  commonwealth countries and combines it with specialised digital education, which is CMEL, to carve out courses specially designed for busy practitioners.

What are the Long courses offered in the Commonwealthmedical  eVarsity ?
Following courses are offered by Commonwealthmedical  eVarsity at present

  1. Diploma in Family Medicine: 2 Years/ 4 Semesters
  2. Fellowship in Family Medicine: 1 Year/ 2 Semesters
  3. Fellowship in Diabetes Mellitus: 1 Year/ 2 Semesters
  4. Fellowship in Primary Care Cardiology: 1 Year/ 2 Semesters
  5. Fellowship in Primary Care Paediatrics: 1 Year/ 2 Semesters
  6. Certificate course in Primary Care in Radiology: 6 Months
  7. Certificate in Genetic Counseling: 6 Months/ 3 clusters
  8. Advanced Diploma in Hospital Management

What is the eligibility for the courses?
The mandatory eligibility for the courses are:

  1. MBBS/MBchB/MD degree
  2. Medical Registration with Medical Council

How does the course benefit me?
It would extensively widen the scope/ enhance the quality and reach of education for you on a lifelong basis by broadening your knowledge, so as to bridge the gap between existing and apparent needs of healthcare professionals and the society. The courses enhances your knowledge and builds your skills to the next level of proficiency, so that you would be better placed to offer your services. It will also enhance your ability to run your practice better and thus increase your patient inflow and conclusively transcribe to better revenue.

How will the classes be conducted?
All programs will be conducted online. The assignments will be in the form of lecture series comprising of interactive video lectures with self assessment questions for revision, prescribed and suggested reading and weekly-graded assessments that are uploaded in the intervening night of Sunday and Monday.

Who are the faculty in Commonwealthmedical  eVarsity?
All lectures are delivered by reputed experts in their respective fields and they are invited from across India to deliver online lectures. Some of the distinguished members of Faculty are:
Prof. Kakarla Subba Rao, Former Director Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad for Radiology, Dr. Sanjay P. Zodpey, Professor, Preventive & Social Medicine, Govt. Medical College, Nagpur, Dr. Neelaveni, Associate Professor, Department of Endocrinology, Osmania Medical College & Hospital, Hyderabad, Dr. Hariprasad Chegu, Former Professor and Dean, Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute, Chennai,India, Dr. N. Kalpana Subramanyam, Professor Andhra Medical College, Vizag, Andhra pradesh India

I am a busy practitioner, with very little time for detailed and demanding schedules and curriculum? Would it be possible for me to take up this course?
The courses of the Commonwealthmedical  eVarsity are largely delivered online, with convenient self-study at one’s own pace, time and place facilitated through online faculty interactions and optional clinical exposure through hospital rotations. The course curriculum is spaced through an extended period with release of 3 to 4 lectures of one hour duration every week interlaced with graded as well as self assessment Q-As.

Is the duration of the course fixed or can it be extended if the candidate is not able to commence/ complete the course in the stipulated time period?
Students enrolled are admitted to specific batches. They have a window period of 1 year for completion of the course. The exams are conducted at the end of the course and if the student fails to appear for the exam or fails in the examination, he/she can appear for the exam two more times at six months and one year duration.


What is course fee and the mode of payment of fees?

Course fee is different for each course. Please contact for course fee details. The fee can be paid by way of Credit card, Debit card, Swift transfer / online through Net banking. For further details, please refer to the Prospectus.

Bank:                         ICICI
Branch:                     Khairatabad, Hyderabad   
Account Name:      commonwealthmedical evarsity Pvt ltd
Account No.:            000805501116
IFSC Code :              ICIC0000008
SWIFT Code :          ICICINBB008


Is there any refund of fee in case the student withdraws soon after enrollment or discontinues after sometime?
As a rule, the CommonwealthmedicaleVarsity policy does not allow any refund of fees under any circumstances. Hence, it is strongly recommended that the student reads the Prospectus thoroughly in his own interest before registering for any course.

Can I switch over from one course to the other after enrollment?
Switching from one course to another after enrollment is not allowed. Hence the student is advised to study the prospectus in detail before enrolling for any course. However under extra-ordinary circumstances, the Varsity will use its’ discretionary powers to allow the switch, if the student forwards his request at least ten working days before the commencement of courses.


What would be the pattern of assessments?

There would be continuous graded assessments throughout the course duration. There would be timed weekend assessment of one hour each at the end of every week and would be in the form of multiple choice questions. In addition, there is semester exam after 6 months in the form of Multiple Choice Questions.

What are self assessments? Are they graded? If yes, will the grading be added to the final exam?
The self assessments are for your understanding and revision of the subject matter and are not graded.

If I would not attempt week-end graded assessment, what would happen to the result? Is there any provision to re-submit the week-end graded assessments?
Weekend and Semester-end assessments are part of formative assessment of theory and constitute 60% of final score on theory, the balance 40% being covered by the final theory examination.

If there is any discrepancy in the result, is there a redressal mechanism?
All efforts will be taken to assess the examinations in an impartial and ‘blind’ manner, despite which if the student feels and wants to appeal, he would be allowed to do so within a month of the declaration of results. No appeal or request shall be entertained thereafter.

Can I use these course completion certificates for job applications or mention them in my CV/ Resume?
Certainly, you can mention these certificates in your CV/ resume.

Can I use the Certificate title in my board at my clinic / hospital after completing the course?
Certainly you can display the Certificate or title after the completion in your board at clinic / hospital. However, you can not call or write yourself as a specialist like “Diabetologist”, “Cardiologist”, “Radiologist” etc.