Commonwealth Medical Association

The Commonwealth Medical Association was established in 1952. The Association, also known as the CMA, is a non-governmental organization and its main objective is to assist and strengthen the capacities of national medical associations (NMAs) of countries within the Commonwealth to improve the health, well-being and human rights of their countries and communities.

This broad objective is set out to be achieved through the following defined initiatives:

  • providing technical advice and cooperation to national medical associations in the Commonwealth, especially developing countries;
  • enabling NMAs to participate and cooperate with other appropriate organizations and among themselves in projects designed to improve the health and welfare of their communities;
  • assisting NMAs to formulate and to enforce principles of medical ethics with special reference to the protection of human rights;
  • cooperating with NMAs in the provision of continuing professional development for doctors especially those deprived of such opportunities;
  • communicating with member associations regularly on news and information about developments in the field of health with special emphasis on developing countries within Commonwealth;
  • cooperating with the work of the Commonwealth Health Ministers and with relevant programmes of the United Nations; and
  • establishing a trust and/or such appropriate body for the purposes of enhancing the goals and objectives set out above.

The Association is also committed to the values of the Commonwealth as expressed primarily in the Singapore and Harare Declarations, as well as other declarations by the Commonwealth Heads of Government.

“CPD through CMA”

Embracing the ease, availability, flexibility, and rapidly evolving sophistication of ICT in today’s world, its adoption for the administration of a blended learning approach for CPD, is happening now. All members are welcomed to this far-reaching Initiative.


Dignitaries of CMADr. Osahon Enabulele (President, Commonwealth Medical Association)  


    • Dr. JP Tabone (Secretary, CMA)
    • Prof. Vajira Dissanayake (Immediate past President, Commonwealth Medical Association).
    • Prof. S.Arulrhaj (Chairman, CMA Trust and  Past President,CMA)
    • Dr. Oheneba Owosu-Danso (Secretary, Commonwealth Medical Association Trust).

Contact Address:

International Department, BMA House
Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9JP UK
Tel: +44 (0) 2073836069 | Fax: +44 (0) 2073836644