Certificate in Primary Care Radiology

Certificate in Primary Care Radiology aims at imparting basic up-to-date knowledge in Radiology at primary care level. Radiology and imaging are non invasive and informative.The course hones skills on when and what imaging investigations to prescribe, their interpretation and escalation to specialist radiologist.

Course At A Glance

  • Course: Certificate Course in Primary Care Radiology
  • Total Duration: 6 months
  • Hours per week: 4 – 8
  • Medium of instruction: English
  • Fee is US $ 600

About the Course

General practitioners and family physicians who are the first point of medical contact are very important for the health of a community. However commercialization, corporatization, specialist reductionist approach to health and increasing patient awareness and medicolegal litigations have made general practice difficult. Investigations are increasingly being ordered in defence against law suits apart from diagnostic purposes. Radiology and imaging given its intrinsic quality of being non invasive and informative they are one of the most prescribed investigations.

In such a scenario General Practitioners should be abreast with the relevant knowledge in Radiology. Busy practitioners find it difficult to take time away from their busy schedules for this and here is where continuous online medical education comes in handy and makes such doctor’s lives easy.

Recognizing this potential, Commonwealth Medical Evarsity has designed the six months certificate course in Primary Care Radiology, which imparts enough knowledge and skills for a busy practitioner.

The course is for those who wish to develop knowledge and skills in Radiology and Imaging and for all those who wish to better manage radiology investigations in their daily practice. The course is run over six months, using a blended approach, comprising of self-paced online education, complimented case based discussion and graded assessments.

Career Prospects

The aim of the Commonwealth Medical Evarsity programs is to enhance the knowledge and practical skills of general physicians and family physicians. It prepares you as a clinician, with comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge in specific areas and allows you to confidently deal with patients.

The six months Certificate in Primary Care Radiology aims at imparting you with basic, simple and yet up-to-date knowledge in Radiology at primary care level. The course hones your skills on when to prescribe what imaging investigations, how to interpret them and when to ask for a specialist radiologist opinion.

What are the key Features of the program?
The program was designed using scientific pedagogic principles to incorporate features drawn from successful on-campus and distance education. These features offer an appreciable advantage by enabling students to:

  • Have sound knowledge related to the basics of Radiology at primary care level.
  • Develop skills, knowledge and attitudes through a structured online learning experience. The learning experience will be delivered through various technology driven teaching-learning approaches
  • Study through virtual cases and discussions that simulate approaches to the real world scenarios

Course Eligibility

MBBS/MBchB/MD doctors with medical registration in their respective country Medical  Council.


Course Syllabus

  •  Course Introduction
  • Chest X-ray – Basics
  • Abdominal Radiograph – Basics
  • Contrast Studies
  • Radiation Protection
  • Basics of Modern Radio-imaging
  • Radiology of Normal Chest and Chest Disorders
  • Chest Pain\Mediastinal Masses
  • Pulmonary Infections
  • Tumours and Diffuse Lung Diseases
  • Plain Abdominal Radiography
  • Conventional Radiology of GIT
  • Quarterly Break
  • Contrast Studies and Congenital Abnormalities of GIT
  • Urinary Tract Radiology
  • Radiology in Obstetric and Gynecology
  • Bone – Radiology for Tumors, Infections
  • Musculoskeletal and Trauma Imaging
  • Headache and Low Backache Imaging
  • Head, Neck and Dental Imaging
  • Approach to Orbit and Sinus Imaging
  • Chest and Mediastinum Imaging in Pediatrics
  • Pediatric Metabolic and Bone Disorders
  • Basics for Antenatal Ultrasound( newly added)
  • Antenatal Ultrasound( Newly added)
  • Radiology for GPs and Interventional Radiology


Course Delivery Format

The courses of the Commonwealth Medical Evarsity are largely delivered online, with convenient self-study at one’s own pace, time and place facilitated through online faculty.
A rich learning environment is provided through a Learning Platform with access to:

  • Online lectures delivered by experts in respective fields. You may view the lecture any number of times using interactive tools to conveniently play/pause, forward /rewind, skip/review.
  • Included in these lectures are numerous text slides, illustrations and appropriate 2D and 3D animations, audios/videos to make concepts easy to understand and difficult to forget.
  • Reading material includes prescribed Text book and e-Books for each chapter.
  • Facility for the student to bookmark specific segments of a running lecture and ability to add your own notes for later review.
  • Periodic self-assessment through multiple choice objective questions from a question bank of over 1, 00,000 questions across all subject areas.
  • Case based scenarios and simulated case based exercises.


  • There shall be periodic self-assessments at the end of each module and final exam. Your grades in these formative assessments shall carry predetermined weightage.


Admission Schedule

  • Admissions to the course would be batchwise.
  • You may register online .

Course fee

The Course fee is US $ 600

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