Certificate in Genetic Counseling

Certificate in Genetic Counseling acquaints doctors with the core concepts of Human Genetics and understanding of the psychological basis of counseling; so that they can continue their practice with comprehensive knowledge of Genetics; duly prescribing Genetic Tests and interpreting related reports or practice as Genetic Counselors.


Course At A Glance

  • Course: Certificate Course in Genetic Counselling
  • Total Duration: 24 weeks
  • Hours per week: 3 – 4 hours per week
  • Medium of instruction: English
  • Fee is US $ 600

About the Course

The last few decades have witnessed an exponential growth in knowledge, catapulting genetics from obscurity to a pre eminent place in health-care. New information about causative genes, disease diagnosis and available treatment options for several single gene and complex genetic disorders as well as several birth defects, are now known making disease diagnosis and treatment easier. It is critical that clinicians learn about these developments and incorporate this knowledge into their practice.

Each and every patient should be able to benefit from individualized therapy based on their unique genetic makeup; however, this can become a reality only when clinicians are able to comprehend the genetics behind the diseases and syndromes. More importantly the implications of these must be explained to the patients and relatives in a professional and compassionate manner. Such education and counseling accompanying genetic testing is provided by Genetic Counselors in all developed countries; this kind of professional training is being given for the first time in India for clinicians.

Career Prospects

The doctors could practice as genetic counselors or continue their practice with comprehensive knowledge of genetics, duly prescribing genetic tests and interpreting related reports. The course will also give them an understanding of the psychological basis of counseling.


Course Eligibility


MBBS/MBchB/MD doctors with medical registration in their respective country Medical  Council.


Course Syllabus

Cluster 1

  • Introduction to Human Genetics
  • Genetics & Inheritance
  • Understanding Genetics at a Molecular Level
  • Psychology & Medical Ethics

Cluster 2

  • Biochemical Basis of Genetics
  • Microbiology and Genetics
  • Physiology & Genetics
  • Contact Program 1

Cluster 3

  • Understanding Applications of Genetics
  • Genetics & Haematology
  • Cancer Genetics

Cluster 4

  • Cyto-genetic Tests & Advanced Molecular Techniques
  • Clinical Genetics
  • Mock Counseling Sessions
  • Contact Program 2

Course Delivery Format

  • The course is a hybrid mix of self-paced learning using pre-recorded lectures that can be accessed online or offline.
  • There are scheduled Active learning sessions with a Subject Matter Expert.
  • This course requires contact sessions in hospitals equipped with Genetic Labs.

Panel of Instructors

instructor-dr-q-annie-hasanDr. Q (Annie) Hasan

Senior Consultant & Head
Department of Genetics & Molecular Medicine
Kamineni Hospital, L.B. Nagar, Hyderabad,India

instructor-professor-y-r-ahujaDr Y R Ahuja

Director Research
Dept of Genetics & Molecular Medicine
Vasavi Medical & Research Centre, Hyderabad,India

instructor-dr-deena-patilDr Deena Patil

Consultant Dermatologist
Columbia Asia Hospital, Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore,India

instructor-dr-vijayalakshmi-kodatiDr Vijayalakshmi Kodati

Medical Superintendent
Durgabai Deshmukh Hospital, Vidyanagar, Hyderabad
Consultant Gynecologist & Research Coordinator,
Vasavi Medical & Research Centre, Hyderabad,India

instructor-dr-vasavi-mohanDr Vasavi Mohan

Senior Scientific Officer
Department of Genetics, Vasavi Medical & Research Centre, Hyderabad,India

instructor-dr-t-ravinder-raoDr T Ravinder Rao

Former Professor, Clinical Research
Institute of Clinical Research (ICRI) , Hyderabad Campus, Hyderabad,India

instructor-dr-kiran-rathoreDr Kiran Rathore

Clinical Psychologist
Consultant, MModal Global Services Pvt Ltd. & Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology, (KMIT), Hyderabad,India

instructor-winnie-thomasMs Winnie Thomas

PhD Research scholar
Department of Genetics and Molecular Medicine,
Vasavi Medical & Research Centre,Hyderabad,India

instructor-Pavani-UpendramMs Pavani Upendram

Genetic Counselor & Molecular Scientist
Department of Genetics, Kamineni Life Science
Kamineni Hospital, L.B. Nagar, Hyderabad,India

Admission Schedule

  • Admissions to the course would be batchwise.
  • You may register online ..

Course fee

The course fee is US $ 600

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Suggested Reading

  • Lewin’s Genes XI by Jocelyn E. Krebs, Stephen T. Kilpatrick, Elliott S. Goldstein
  • Human Molecular Genetics by Tom Strachan, Andrew Read
  • Emery’s Elements of Medical Genetics 14th edition by Sian Ellard and Peter Turnpenny
  • Practical Genetic Counselling 7th Edition by Peter S. Harper
  • A Guide to Genetic Counseling by Wendy R. Uhlmann, Jane L. Schuette, Beverly Yashar