Advance Diploma in Hospital Management


Course At A Glance

  • Course: Advance Diploma in Hospital Management
  • Total Duration: 1 year
  • Hours per Week: 4 – 8
  • Medium of instruction: English
  • Fee is US $ 1000


About the Course

Among the top professions, Health Management occupies an eminent place. Increasing awareness in all traditional sectors associated with providing healthcare: government, private sector and trusts has resulted in a constant effort to improve healthcare delivery in their respective domain. More so, as healthcare management is becoming increasingly a domain of the private sector, there is a growing need for skillful doctors, nurses and Para-medics and, indeed, efficient hospital managers and administrators.

The medical doctors and nurses have been known for their empathy towards hospitals but the growing emergence of healthcare as a profession has drawn even those who did not have a fascination for hospitals and healthcare activities. Hospitals and healthcare providers wholeheartedly opened their doors to non-medicos who had an eye for detail and a flair for pursuing a career in Hospital Management.

Ever increasing number of private hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers with a no-compromise emphasis on quality of health care and patient satisfaction have led to an extra ordinary need for personnel with a professional qualification in Hospital Management. Both medical and non-medical persons can opt for the course leading to Advanced Diploma in Hospital Management.

Career Prospects

Increasingly, graduates in Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic medicine, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, and Pharmacy have been opting to study for a post –graduate degree / diploma in Hospital Management. There have been instances of graduates in physical / life sciences and engineering / technology taking up the course to enhance their employability or to supplement their knowledge base in hospital / healthcare administration.

On successful completion of the course in hospital management, they have taken up careers as managers in areas such as quality, operations and HR in hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers and some opted for careers in healthcare verticals of IT companies or healthcare consultancies.

Those who hail from entrepreneurial families who run hospitals, nursing homes etc. take up the administrative roles of these enterprises and others with a flair for entrepreneurship venture into establishing healthcare related businesses or undertaking franchises.

Course Eligibility

  • MBBS/MBchB/MD  doctors with Medical registration in their respective country Medical council.

Course Syllabus

  • Semester 1: Cluster 1

    • Management Process & Organizational Behaviour
    • Healthcare Marketing
    • Basic Accounting for Healthcare Professionals
    • Health Economics

Semester 1: Cluster 2

  • Finance for Healthcare Professionals
  • Human Resource Management in Hospitals
  • Analytics for Healthcare Professionals

Semester 2: Cluster 1

  • Healthcare Information Systems / HIT
  • Essentials of Hospital Planning and Administration
  • Hospital Operations Management
  • Operations Research for Healthcare

Semester 2: Cluster 2

  • Epidemiology & Public Health
  • Quality Management in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Laws
  • Healthcare Insurance


Course Delivery Format

Taking leaf from Winston Churchill’s philosophy of “always ready to learn although … not always like being taught”, Commonwealth Medical Evarsity is transforming medical education by garnering learning empowered by the interactive platform of digital technology. Commonwealth Medical Evarsity model of blended education integrates best practices of ‘chalk and board’ with emerging technologies, purporting to make mockery of fragmented medical care, that is the bane of the rising costs of health care today!

The Commonwealth Medical Evarsity offers best of the models of blended education through online lectures, with the convenience of self-study at one’s own pace, time and place, complemented by online faculty interactions and clinical exposure through hospital rotations.

A rich learning environment is provided through a Learning Platform with access to:

  • Online lectures delivered by experts in respective fields. The students can view the lecture any number of times using tools to conveniently play/pause, forward/rewind, skip/review, bookmark
  • Included in these lectures are hundreds of text slides, illustrations and appropriate 2D and 3D animations, audios and videos to make concepts easy to understand
  • Reading material including prescribed Text book and e-Books for each chapter; additional reading material would also be suggested through links.
  • Facility for the student to bookmark specific segments of a running lecture and ability to add your own notes for later review.
  • Weekly self-assessment through multiple choice questions from a question bank of over 1,00,000 questions across all subject areas


Advance Diploma in Hospital Management  follows a set pattern of formative online assessments. Following are the types of assessments/examinations that each candidate is subjected to:

  • Self Assessments, scheduled online at the end of every lecture and are neither timed nor graded.
  • Weekend Graded Assessments [WGA] comprise a predetermined number of MCQs to be answered in a stipulated period of time. These are graded assessments and once submitted cannot be reattempted for a better score. The scores will carry considerable weightage towards formative assessments of theory.
  • Semester[ Semester – 6 months duration]-end  Assessments [SA] are also MCQ Examination at the end of every semester


Course-end  exam: The final  exam, consists of 40 to 50 MCQs.

Course fee

The Course fee is US $ 1000

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